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Before I start implementing fixes for the IPPC18 issues I would like to re-initiate the discussion about unit tests (see discussion in issue #38), to agree on a unit test framework.

Previously, we used the Google test framework gtest. I've worked with the Catch library on other projects, which also works quite well. Since Catch is a header-only library, it is a little bit simpler to include as a new user (i.e. when checking out the repository), and probably also easier to support under Windows (this is just a hunch, though). Feature and usability wise, both libraries seem to perform quite well.

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  1. tkeller repo owner

    Yes, what way do you prefer? Skype? I am mostly available this week except for Thursday, and can usually start at 9:30 Basel time, which should be 19:30 in Canberra. Would that work for you?

  2. geisserf reporter

    Let's say Wednesday 10:00 your time then. Remind me to mention a workshop paper topic if I forget it.

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