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Takafumi Arakaki  committed f245402

added "Add New Comment" link on the side bar.
there is one thing I don't like about this:
to make "Add New Comment" clickable and heading, I needed to use <h3>
instead of <h4>, because with <h4> the text color is different from
the plain <h4> and same as plain <a>. on the other hand, the relations
links such as "Next Topic" is <h4>, so if I want to make hierarchy of
"Add New Comment" consistent, I should use <h4>. I can fix this problem
if I add `static/default.css_t`, but this is too much!

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+{% include "!localtoc.html" %}
+{%- if display_toc %}
+<h3><a href="#disqus_thread">Add New Comment ✎</a></h3>
+    <a class="reference internal" href="#disqus_thread">
+      Go to the bottom!
+    </a>
+{%- endif %}