Anonymous avatar Anonymous committed f92ba08 adds post-push.hgcachedoutgoing hook automatically to check
the tip of dest after ``hg push``.

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                  "you might want to pull the changes.\n".format(cdid))
+def postpushhook(ui, repo, dest=None, **kwargs):
+    """Check the tip of dest after ``hg push``"""
+    dest = ui.expandpath(dest or 'default-push', dest or 'default')
+    ui.debug("dest = '{0}'\n".format(dest))
+    # NOTE:
+    # assuming dest as argument might be the wrong way to get dest
+    # of push command.
+    _get_cached_tip_id(ui, repo, dest, check=True)
+    # NOTE:
+    # it is better if I can find the revs pushed via some API.
+    # but calling _get_cached_tip_id is far more simple.
+def uisetup(ui):
+    ui.setconfig("hooks", "post-push.hgcachedoutgoing", postpushhook)
 cmdtable = {
     # "command-name": (function-call, options-list, help-string)
     "cout": (
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