mercurial-cli-templates / map-cmdline.nlog

changeset = 'changeset: \033[0;31m[{phase}]\033[0m \033[0;33m{rev}\033[0m:\033[0;33m{node|short}\033[0m{branches}{bookmarks}{tags}\nauthor:    {author}\ndate:      {date|rfc822date} ({date|age})\nsummary:   {desc|firstline|strip}\n\n{file_mods}{file_adds}{file_dels}\n\n'

changeset_verbose = 'changeset: \033[0;31m[{phase}]\033[0m \033[0;33m{rev}\033[0m:\033[0;33m{node|short}\033[0m{branches}{bookmarks}{tags}\nauthor:    {author}\ndate:      {date|rfc822date} ({date|age})\n\n{desc}\n\n{file_mods}{file_adds}{file_dels}\n\n'

start_file_adds = ''
file_add = '\033[0;32mA {file_add}\033[0m\n'
end_file_adds = ''

start_file_dels = ''
file_del = '\033[0;31mR {file_del}\033[0m\n'
end_file_dels = ''

start_file_mods = ''
file_mod = '\033[0;36mM {file_mod}\033[0m\n'
end_file_mods = ''

start_branches = ' '
branch = '\033[0;35m{branch}\033[0m'

start_bookmarks = ' '
bookmark = '\033[0;32m[{bookmark}]\033[0m '
last_bookmark = '\033[0;32m[{bookmark}]\033[0m'

start_tags = ' '
tag = '\033[0;33m{tag}\033[0m, '
last_tag = '\033[0;33m{tag}\033[0m'
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