1. Takafumi Arakaki
  2. neorg



NEOrg - Numerical Experiment Organizer

NEOrg is a wiki to organize your experimental data. NEOrg provides two features:

  1. Special directives.

    A directive is a general reST block markup. With the special directives defined by NEOrg, you can fetch data and images, show them effectively, and organize your notes.

  2. Template page.

    When you do experiments repeatedly, you may want to see the results in a fixed format. The template page can be used for that purpose.

See the document for more!


pip install neorg  # or
easy_isntall neorg

If you want to try newest (possibly unstable) version you can install from https://bitbucket.org/tkf/neorg. Sphinx will be required:

pip install https://bitbucket.org/tkf/neorg/get/tip.tar.bz2  # or
pip install https://bitbucket.org/tkf/neorg/get/tip.tar.gz  # or
pip install https://bitbucket.org/tkf/neorg/get/tip.zip

Quick start

cd directory/where/you/store/experimental/data
neorg init
neorg serve --browser


  • docutils, Flask, Whoosh and argparse
  • PyYAML to load YAML data (optional).

For development:

  • nose and mock for unit tests
  • texttable for doctest
  • sphinx for building document

Javascript libraries (included):