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fixed a change log text for "image preview window" because it also works with tables other than grid-images.

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-- Added image preview using modal window.  Preview of
-  :rst:dir:`grid-images` supports navigation using left/right/up/down
-  keys (this feature is working only with 2D grid).
+- Added image preview window.
+  Clicking image opens a modal window to show the image without page
+  transition.
+  - In preview window, navigation using left/right/up/down keys is
+    supported.
+  - This navigation does not work for 3D or more dimensional
+    :rst:dir:`grid-images`.
 - Added `link` option to :rst:dir:`grid-images`.
 - Added `file` option to :rst:dir:`table-data`,
   :rst:dir:`table-data-and-image`, :rst:dir:`dictdiff`,