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dim of xo[t] and xi[t] can differ

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         fbr = self.fb_rate
         fbd = self.fb_delay
+        No  = xo.shape[1]
         xo[:fbd] = to[:fbd]
         xc[fbd-1] = avc(uc[fbd-1])
         for t in self.ns.time_step[fbd:]:
-            xi[t] = fbr * xo[t-fbd] + (1 - fbr) * to[t-fbd]
+            xi[t,:No] = fbr * xo[t-fbd] + (1 - fbr) * to[t-fbd]
             uc[t] = (1-ec)*uc[t-1] + ec*(dot(wci,xi[t])+dot(wcc,xc[t-1])+bc)
             xc[t] = avc(uc[t])
             uo[t] = dot(woc,xc[t])+bo
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