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 New Features
-Changes since 0.8.4:
+* added import_dynload_stdmods project variable
+* finding dynload standard modules on windows
+* fixed some windows-specific bugs
-* supporting Darcs VCS
-* handling files with mac line-ending
-* not searching all files when inlining a local variable
-* fixed cygwin path problems
-Some of the changes since 0.8:
-* inlining variable in other modules
-* added `rope.contrib.findit.find_definition()`
-* better extension module handling
-* added `rope.contrib.findit.find_definition()`
-* added GIT support in fscommands
-* inlining parameters
-* back importing underlined names in move
-* added `codeassist.get_calltip()`
-* added `libutils.analyze_modules()`
-* added ``soa_followed_calls`` project config
-* `libutils.report_change()` reads `automatic_soa`
-* handling property decorator
+If ``import_dynload_stdmods`` is set, most standard C-extension
+modules are inserted to ``extension_modules``.  Note that rope uses
+the source code to collect information about modules.  If rope cannot
+find the source code of a module (like C-extensions), it can import
+them directly, if listed in ``extension_modules`` variable, and
+analyze them.
 Getting Started