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 New Features
+* Asking the user about unsure occurrences
+* Better handling of symlinks in project path
+`Rename.get_changes()` has been changed so that the `unsure` optional
+parameter can be a function.  If it is not `None`, for each unsure
+occurrence this function is called with an instance of
+`rope.refactor.occurrence.Occurrence`; if it returns `True` the
+occurrence is renamed.
 Getting Started
 you open a project).
-Project Road Map
-The main motive for starting this project was the lack of good
-refactoring tools for Python programming language.  Refactoring
-programs like "bicycle repair man" aren't reliable due to type
-inference problems and they support a limited number of refactorings.
-*Rope* tries to improve these limitations.
-The main goal of *rope* is to concentrate on the type inference and
-refactoring of python programs and not a state of art IDE (at least
-not in the first phase).  The type inference and refactoring parts
-will not be dependent on *rope* IDE and if successful, will be
-released as standalone programs and libraries so that other projects
-may use them.
 Bug Reports