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methodobject: added method object refactoring

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+- added introduce method object refactoring : January 25, 2008
 - added use function refactoring : January 25, 2008
 > Public Release 0.5c2 : January 17, 2008


                     name = self._refactoring_name(attr)
                     setattr(self, name, do_refactor)
                     name = 'rope-' + name.replace('_', '-')
-                    self.local_keys.append((attr.key, lisp[name]))
+                    if attr.key is not None:
+                        self.local_keys.append((attr.key, lisp[name]))
     def _refactoring_name(self, refactoring):
         return refactor.refactoring_name(refactoring)


 import rope.refactor.rename
 import rope.refactor.restructure
 import rope.refactor.usefunction
+import rope.refactor.method_object
 from ropemacs import dialog, lisputils
+class MethodObject(Refactoring):
+    key = None
+    saveall = False
+    confs = {'classname': dialog.Data('New class name: ',
+                                      default='_ExtractedClass')}
+    def _create_refactoring(self):
+        self.objecter = rope.refactor.method_object.MethodObject(
+            self.project, self.resource, self.offset)
+    def _calculate_changes(self, values, task_handle):
+        classname = values.get('classname')
+        return self.objecter.get_changes(classname)
 class GenerateVariable(_GenerateElement):
     key = 'n v'
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