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ropemacs: added rope-rename-current-module

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 Using rope in emacs.
+Setting Up
+After installing pymacs add these lines to your ``~/.emacs`` file::
+  (load-library "pymacs")
+  (pymacs-load "rope.contrib.ropemacs" "rope-")
+  (rope-init)
+Uses the same keybinding as in rope.


         lisp.global_set_key('\x03g', lisp.rope_goto_definition)
         lisp.global_set_key('\x03rr', lisp.rope_rename)
+        lisp.global_set_key('\x03r1r', lisp.rope_rename_current_module)
         lisp.global_set_key('\x03rl', lisp.rope_extract_variable)
         lisp.global_set_key('\x03rm', lisp.rope_extract_method)
         lisp.global_set_key('\x03ri', lisp.rope_inline)
         self.project = None
-    @interactive('sNew Name: ')
-    def rename(self, newname):
+    def do_rename(self, newname, module=False):
         resource, offset = self._get_location()
+        if module:
+            offset = None
         renamer = rope.refactor.rename.Rename(self.project, resource, offset)
         changes = renamer.get_changes(newname, docs=True)
+    @interactive('sNew Name: ')
+    def rename(self, newname):
+        self.do_rename(newname)
+    @interactive('sNew Module Name: ')
+    def rename_current_module(self, newname):
+        self.do_rename(newname, module=True)
     def _do_extract(self, extractor, newname):
     def _perform(self, changes):
+        lisp.message(str(changes.description) + ' finished')
     def _get_region(self):
         offset1 = self._get_offset()
             self.project, lisp.buffer_string(), offset, resource)
         if definition[0]:
-        lisp.goto_line(definition[1])
+        if definition[1]:
+            lisp.goto_line(definition[1])
     def _get_location(self):
         resource = self._get_resource()
 close_project = interface.close_project
 rename = interface.rename
+rename_current_module = interface.rename_current_module
 extract_variable = interface.extract_variable
 extract_method = interface.extract_method
 inline = interface.inline
 exiting_actions = interface.exiting_actions
 goto_definition = interface.goto_definition
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