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             elif window == 'other':
-                new_window = lisp.display_buffer(new_buffer)
+                if self.get("use_pop_to_buffer"):
+                    new_window = lisp.get_buffer_window(
+                        lisp.pop_to_buffer(new_buffer))
+                else:
+                    new_window = lisp.display_buffer(new_buffer)
                 lisp.set_window_point(new_window, lisp.point_min())
                 if fit_lines and lisp.fboundp(lisp['fit-window-to-buffer']):
                     lisp.fit_window_to_buffer(new_window, fit_lines)
 (defcustom ropemacs-max-doc-buffer-height 22
   "The maximum buffer height for `rope-show-doc'.")
+(defcustom ropemacs-use-pop-to-buffer nil
+  "Use native `pop-to-buffer' to show new buffer.
+This affect all ropemacs function including `rope-show-doc'.")
 (defcustom ropemacs-enable-autoimport 'nil
   "Specifies whether autoimport should be enabled.")
 (defcustom ropemacs-autoimport-modules nil