zaw-sources / zaw-docs.zsh

# -*- sh -*-
zmodload zsh/parameter

function zaw-src-docs() {
    candidates=("${(ps:\n:)$(find ${(ps.:.)ZAW_PDF_PATH})}")
    actions=("zaw-callback-docs-open" "zaw-callback-docs-append-to-buffer")
    act_descriptions=("open document" "append to edit buffer")

zaw-register-src -n docs zaw-src-docs

export ZAW_PDF_PATH=${HOME}/Dropbox:${HOME}/ZumoDrive
export ZAW_DOCS_OPEN=gnome-open

function zaw-callback-docs-open() {
    local orig_buffer="${BUFFER}"
    BUFFER="${ZAW_DOCS_OPEN} \"${(j:; :)@}\""
    zle accept-line

function zaw-callback-docs-append-to-buffer() {
    LBUFFER="${BUFFER}\"${(j:; :)@}\""
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