Ahven - Unit Test Library for Ada
Ahven is a simple unit test library for Ada.
It is mostly written because I had a need for
one and the only existing unit test library,
AUnit, requires Ada 2005 and is a pure GPL project.

Instead, Ahven is Ada95 code and distributed
under ISC license, so it can be used with older
projects and does not infect GPL to the whole

Building and Installing Ahven
For building Ahven source code you need Ada 95
compiler, for example GNAT, Janus/Ada, or ObjectAda.

Optionally, you need AdaBrowse to build the documentation
and AdaControl to run coding style checks.

The default Makefile compiles code using gnatmake.
Internally, gnatmake is given a GNAT project file,
which works with GNAT GPL series and relatively
recent FSF GNAT. If you plan to compile Ahven
with GNAT 3.15p, you need to modify the project
file slightly and remove incompatible compiler flags.

If you use another compiler, you need to customize
the Makefile by yourself. Please note, that 'src'
directory has platform specific subdirectories 'unix'
and 'windows. You need to select the sources from one
of them also.

Installation: GNAT

When using GNAT, simple 'make' will compile the library
and the unit tests.

Command 'make check' will run the unit tests.

If you want to build the API documentation, you
need AdaBrowse tool. Command 'make docs' will
build the API documentation.

Installation happens by typing 'make install'
or 'make PREFIX=/my/ada/code install'. Alternatively,
you can simply copy the source code directory ('src')
to your project.

Installation: Janus/Ada

Build scripts for Janus/Ada are located in the 'janusada' directory.
To compile the source code, you need to tweak file 'prepare.bat'
and then run 'prepare.bat', 'update.bat', and 'compile.bat' from
the top level directory. That is the same directory where this README
file is located.

When compilation is finished, you have tap_test.exe in the 'test_obj'
Project Info

 ISC (modified BSD license).
 See file LICENSE for more information.

 Tero Koskinen <>