Byron Clark avatar Byron Clark committed 7acd21e

Greatly simplify the handleable check.

The DeviceIsSystemInternal actually checks what we really want: that a disk is
removable or on a bus that implies removability.

fixes #8

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     def partition_slave(self):
         return self._get_property('PartitionSlave')
-    def is_removable(self):
-        """Is the device removable?
-        Also checks parent devices recursively because udisks doesn't report a
-        partition on a removable device as removable."""
-        if self._get_property('DeviceIsRemovable'):
-            return True
-        elif self.is_partition():
-            parent = Device(self.bus, self.partition_slave())
-            return parent.is_removable()
-        else:
-            return False
     def is_partition_table(self):
         return self._get_property('DeviceIsPartitionTable')
-    def is_partition(self):
-        return self._get_property('DeviceIsPartition')
     def is_systeminternal(self):
         return self._get_property('DeviceIsSystemInternal')
-    def is_opticaldisc(self):
-        return self._get_property('DeviceIsOpticalDisc')
-    def is_hasmedia(self):
-        return self._get_property('DeviceIsMediaAvailable')
     def is_handleable(self):
         """Should this device be handled by udiskie?
         Currently this just means that the device is removable and holds a
-        if self.is_systeminternal():
+        if self.is_filesystem() and not self.is_systeminternal():
+            return True
+        else:
             return False
-        if self.is_partition_table():
-            return False
-        if self.is_opticaldisc():
-            if self.is_hasmedia() and self.is_filesystem():
-                return True
-            else:
-                return False
-        if self.is_removable():
-            if self.is_filesystem():
-                return True
-            else:
-                return False
-        return False
     def is_mounted(self):
         return self._get_property('DeviceIsMounted')
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