VaVeL Develop VM

This repo provides an ubuntu Virtual Machine for developement of dynamic routing in the VaVeL project.



Install virtualbox and vagrant then bring the machine initially up with

 vagrant up

The files are mounted into the VM at /vagrant

Stop machine with

 vagrant halt

and resume with

 vagrant reload

Login Credentials

user: vagrant
pass: vagrant


issue vagrant ssh from your host machine to connect to the dev machine

OTP test client

In order to run the OTP client that is used for research by TUDO (dynamic multimodal routing)

  1. Go to /vagrant/OpenTripPlanner-master/target (compile if necessary, you'll find eclipse at /vagrant/eclipse/.eclipse)

  2. Start the OTP instance

java -Xmx4G -jar otp-0.20.0-SNAPSHOT-shaded.jar --server --build /vagrant/otp-warsaw/ --inMemory

In order to run the OTP client that is used for research by WUT (comparison of several schedules)

  1. Go to $HOME/otpsimpletestclient

  2. Start the OTP instances

and wait till they listen on appropriate ports - 8082, 8084, 8086. You will know they are ready by the console message.

  1. Modify the client to what you need and run it


A filesystem based dokuwiki is included in the VM. You can connect to it via port 8800 (from your host system). Or start it directly from your host Windows commandline using the start-dokuwiki link.

Thomas Liebig