Kirill Simonov avatar Kirill Simonov committed 8b4df6e

Load yaml_hl.cfg from the script path.

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-import yaml, codecs, sys, optparse
+import yaml, codecs, sys, os.path, optparse
 class Style:
             self.output = sys.stdout
     def highlight(self):
-        if
-            self.output.write(
         input =
         if input.startswith(codecs.BOM_UTF16_LE):
             input = unicode(input, 'utf-16-le')
         result = u''.join(chunks)
+        if
+            self.output.write(
     parser = optparse.OptionParser()
     parser.add_option('-s', '--style', dest='style', default='ascii',
             help="specify the highlighting style", metavar='STYLE')
-    parser.add_option('-c', '--config', dest='config', default='yaml_hl.cfg',
+    parser.add_option('-c', '--config', dest='config',
+            default=os.path.join(os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0]), 'yaml_hl.cfg'),
             help="set an alternative configuration file", metavar='CONFIG')
     parser.add_option('-i', '--input', dest='input', default=None,
             help="set the input file (default: stdin)", metavar='FILE')
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