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 From: Kirill Simonov <>
-Subject: [ANN] PyYAML-3.07: YAML parser and emitter for Python
+Subject: [ANN] PyYAML-3.08: Now with Python 3 support
- Announcing PyYAML-3.07
+ Announcing PyYAML-3.08
 A new release of PyYAML is now available:
+This release features a complete support for Python 3.  For
+compatibility notes between Python 2 and Python 3 versions,
+please see
-* The emitter learned to use an optional indentation indicator
-  for block scalar; thus scalars with leading whitespaces
-  could now be represented in a literal or folded style.
-* The test suite is now included in the source distribution.
-  To run the tests, type 'python test'.
-* Refactored the test suite: dropped unittest in favor of
-  a custom test appliance.
-* Fixed the path resolver in the LibYAML-based dumper.
-* Forced an explicit document end indicator when there is
-  a possibility of parsing ambiguity.
-* More improvements: the package should be usable
-  when any combination of setuptools, Pyrex and LibYAML
-  is installed.
-* Windows binary packages are built against LibYAML-0.1.2.
-* Other minor fixes and improvements (Thank to Ingy dot Net
-  and Andrey Somov).
+* Python 3 support (Thank to Erick Tryzelaar).
+* Use Cython instead of Pyrex to build LibYAML bindings.  Note
+  that the source package is distributed with a pre-generated
+  '_yaml.c' file so you don't need Cython installed to build
+  LibYAML bindings.
+* Refactored support for unicode and byte input/output streams.
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