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 release series will be given. New features start new x.y series while bug
 fixes give rise to maintenance x.y.z releases.
+Many of the following ideas might be implemented in separate packages that
+might share the ophelia namespace, rather than in the core.
-- efficient static content delivery so as to be fully functional stand-alone
-- drop mod_python support as Apache and mod_python have become a pain to
-  maintain and deploy
-- clean WSGI configuration that works well with zc.buildout-based deployment
-- turn ophelia into a namespace package, break the code into several eggs
 - split the request object into request, response and a handler
 - a more powerful traversal mechanism
+- a concept for error handling
 - several backwards-incompatible clean-ups
+- improved factoring and test coverage
 - internal caching of processed information, especially when using docutils
 - data sources outside the file system, such as http or vcs resources
-The state in which the wishlist has been implemented completely for the first
-time and code and documentation are of satisfactory quality.
-The wishlist:
+Further ideas
 - zero-boilerplate creation of web sites including
   do part of the content generation, both calling them from inside Ophelia
   content and providing means to call Ophelia from their code
-- cataloging, local search infrastructure (xapian)
+- cataloging, local search infrastructure (maybe using xapian or solr)
 .. Local Variables: