ophelia / CHANGES.txt

Changes between versions


  - made template and script encodings and the index template name
    configurable from Apache config

  - renamed SitePrefix config variable to "Site"

  - cleaned up pre-defined script variables,
    introduced __publisher__ and __file__

  - made script variables directly usable in templates

  - updated and improved documentation and example site

  - switched configuration to using Location directives to get rid of dummy
    static directories and index.html files

  - added optional redirection of URLs ending with index page to directories

  - added ophelia.tool.feed, providing a download function using the Universal
    feedparser package, and a feed loader for using the feeds downloaded

Bug fixes:
  - correctly compute ETags from unicode content

  - fixed a typo in the example's CSS

  - fixed a missing trailing slash in the site variable and spurious leading
    slashes in the traversal history entries which broke URL synthesis

  - made localized dates with non-ASCII chars in month names usable with
    templates by adding ophelia.util.strftime

  - made the publisher available to functions called from inside templates

  - made ophelia.publisher.Namespace subclass dict

  - turned publisher and file splitter into objects accessible from scripts

  - removed thus obsolete ophelia.oapi module

  - added set_chapter() to navigation tool, removed the zoo of URI builders

  - added Redirect exception

  - renamed methods to get rid of camel case and comply with current PEP 8

  - added ophelia.util with an strftime function that returns unicode

  - modularized publishing logic

  - straightened out handling of URL and file paths

  - replaced file() calls by open() calls

  - added change log

  - moved roadmap from docs to distribution root, added README.txt to root

  - started using setuptools and distributing Ophelia as a Python egg

  - moved opheliatools package to ophelia.tool for minimal namespace impact


initial "works for me" release