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This document is to outline the defining features of Ophelia releases. It is
not about schedules; Ophelia will be released whenever it is ready.

Except for the 0.x series, API backwards compatibility within each major
release series will be given. New features start new x.y series while bug
fixes give rise to maintenance x.y.z releases.


- efficient static content delivery so as to be fully functional stand-alone
- drop mod_python support as Apache and mod_python have become a pain to
  maintain and deploy
- clean WSGI configuration that works well with zc.buildout-based deployment


- turn ophelia into a namespace package, break the code into several eggs
- split the request object into request, response and a handler
- a more powerful traversal mechanism
- several backwards-incompatible clean-ups


- views and traversers for using Ophelia inside Zope3 and Grok applications
- a syntax checker for input files
- a tool for including content from Restructured Text files
- RSS reading done right
- use more Zope technology: i18n, content providers, events, local components
- more flexible input system, real integration of ReST, possibly image views
- directory listings
- internal caching of processed information, especially when using docutils
- data sources outside the file system, such as http or vcs resources


The state in which the wishlist has been implemented completely for the first
time and code and documentation are of satisfactory quality.

The wishlist:

- zero-boilerplate creation of web sites including

  * hand-written XHTML pages, other input mark-up such as ReST
  * pages generated from JPEG, PNG and PDF files
  * overviews such as photo albums

- flexible, little-overhead navigation infrastructure

- straight-forward form submission infrastructure

- interfaces to let other web frameworks (e.g. the Zope publisher or Pyramid)
  do part of the content generation, both calling them from inside Ophelia
  content and providing means to call Ophelia from their code

- cataloging, local search infrastructure (xapian)

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