ophelia / README.txt


Ophelia creates XHTML pages from templates written in TAL, the Zope Tag
Attribute Language. It is designed to reduce code repetition to zero.

The package contains both a WSGI application running Ophelia as well as a
request handler for mod_python, the Python module for the Apache2 web server.


:doc/INSTALL.txt: installation instructions and example configurations

:doc/OVERVIEW.txt: an explanation what Ophelia is and how to use it to publish
    a basic web site

:doc/CONFIGURATION.txt: a description of Ophelia's configuration options

:doc/API.txt: how to use the Ophelia Python API for doing something more


Ophelia is written by Thomas Lotze. Please contact the author at
<> to provide feedback or suggestions on or
contributions to Ophelia.

See also <>.