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Uses R code to

  1. convert GEIA geospatial data from its quirky native format to netCDF.
  2. "regrid" netCDF from global/unprojected to a projected subdomain.

Currently does not provide a clean or general-purpose solution! but merely shows how to do these tasks using R and packages including

To run this code:

  1. git clone this repo.
  2. cd to its working directory (where you cloned it to).
  3. Open the driver (bash) script in an editor! You will probably need to edit it to make it work on your platform. Notably you will probably want to point it to your R executable and PDF viewer.
  4. Run the driver: $ ./
  5. This will download input, then run
    • an R script to convert the input to a netCDF file, and plot it. The driver should display a PDF if properly configured.
    • another R script to regrid the netCDF, and plot the output. The driver should display a PDF if properly configured. This PDF currently has 2 pages (p1 using raster::plot and p2 using fields::image.plot).

Note this code was formerly housed at github, but was moved due to the github's change in upload/download policy. (Also, IMHO, the bitbucket wikis render more attractively--YMMV.)