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 1. (NCL) Compute layer-interface and layer-midpoint elevations, producing new datavars in [``][]:
     * `double z_int_geo(ilev, lat, lon) ; layer-interface elevations on geographical coordinates`
     * `double z_mid_geo(lev, lat, lon)  ; layer-midpoint elevations on geographical coordinates`
     1. Compute layer-interface elevations `z_int_geo` using [`NCL::pres_hybrid_ccm`][pres_hybrid_ccm] and [`NCL::stdatmus_p2tdz`][stdatmus_p2tdz]. Replaced missing values output by `NCL::stdatmus_p2tdz` with geographically-corresponding values from ETOPO1:
         * if ETOPO1 value >= 0: replace missing value with ETOPO1 value, and add latter to all above-surface layer interfaces
         * if ETOPO1 value < 0 (mostly oceanic): replace missing value with 0