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Support for GCCs that don't support __thread.

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 #include "malloc_closure.h"
+/* Define USE__THREAD if gcc on your platform supports "__thread"
+   global variables. */
+#if !defined(MS_WIN32) && !defined(X86_DARWIN) && !defined(POWERPC_DARWIN)
+# define USE__THREAD
 /* base type flag: exactly one of the following: */
 /* whenever running Python code, the errno is saved in this thread-local
    variable */
 #ifndef MS_WIN32
+# ifdef USE__THREAD
 static __thread int cffi_saved_errno = 0;
 static void save_errno(void) { cffi_saved_errno = errno; }
-static void *restore_errno(void) { errno = cffi_saved_errno; return NULL; }
+static void restore_errno(void) { errno = cffi_saved_errno; }
 static void init_errno(void) { }
+# else
+#  include "misc_thread.h"
+# endif
+#include <pthread.h>
+/* This is only included if GCC doesn't support "__thread" global variables.
+ * See USE__THREAD in _ffi_backend.c.
+ */
+static pthread_key_t cffi_tls_key;
+static void init_errno(void)
+    (void) pthread_key_create(&cffi_tls_key, NULL);
+static void save_errno(void)
+    intptr_t value = errno;
+    (void) pthread_setspecific(cffi_tls_key, (void *)value);
+static void restore_errno(void) {
+    intptr_t value = (intptr_t)pthread_getspecific(cffi_tls_key);
+    errno = value;
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