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|_)(_|_>| ||_)(_)(_| |_ v0.3
[  bashboat irc bot   ]

by tm512 - tetrismaster512@hotmail.com
web - http://bitbucket.org/tm512/bashboat

.: about :.

bashboat is an irc bot scripted for the bash shell. It sits in an IRC channel and does
various automated tasks in response to commands. Its name was inspired by an IRC network
I use where bots are jokingly referred to as "boats".

.: usage :.

Before running the bot open the "bot.cfg" and change the configuration to fit your needs.
You can find your hostname by running /whois <your nick>.

After you've configured the bot, you can run it with:

./bot.sh [server] [nick] [channel] [options]

Be sure to escape the channel name like this: \#channel, otherwise the shell will take it
as a comment.

Valid options are:

l - cleans the logfile
d - run as a daemon

.: commands :.

bashboat currently does not have many commands programmed into it, but making new ones
is easy, and I'm likely to accept them if you send me patches.

Channel commands (be sure to prefix these with whichever prefix you set in the config):

uptime : prints the machine's current uptime.
info : prints version information, as well as the OS it's running on.
j <channel> : join a channel.
p <channel> : part a channel.
nsi : identify to nickserv (put the password in the "ns.pass" file).
hs : activate a vhost with hostserv.
ls <script> : load a script module from the "scripts/" folder.
us <script> : unload a script module previously loaded with "ls".
gtfo : quit the bot.

PM commands (useful if the bot gets "stranded" if it parts all channels, do not use a prefix with these):
j <channel> : join a channel.
p <channel> : part a channel.
s <channel> <message> : send message to a channel.
gtfo : quit the bot.

You can add commands by adding scripts to the scripts/ folder, then adding the script to the modules
array in the config or loading them runtime with the "ls" command. A sample games script to give you an
idea on how to use the system.