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Copyright 2009 by Accense Technology, Inc
	          Takashi Matsuo <tmatsuo@candit.jp>
		  All rights reserved.

Kay framework - Release Notes

Kay-1.0.0 - July 7th 2010 

- Model driven RESTful API auto generation

- Model driven CRUD+list auto generation

- A new authentication backend for OpenID, OAuth, Facebook connect
  - You can also write apps for Google Apps MarketPlace easily

- A brand new URL mapping syntax which is more intuitable than before

- Added some useful properties such as OwnerProperty

- Fully functional test helper
  - A new test runner allows you to 
    - run your tests by web browser
    - run your tests on production environment

- Now you can add your own management script

- Nuke is bundled in Kay now.
  - Nuke is a small web handler for wiping the datastore completely
  - Nuke is hosted at: http://code.google.com/p/jobfeed/wiki/Nuke
  - Detailed instructions:

- Many small improvements and bug fixes

Kay-0.8.0 - March 31, 2010

  - Added login_box context processor and render_loginbox macro to
    kay.auth module.
  - Added a media_compressor extension.
  - Improved a process for detecting user's preferred language.
  - Added a jsonrpc2 extension.
  - Improved db_hook feature.
  - Added password changing/resetting capabilities.
  - Added a capability for changing entire settings according to the
    host part of the URL.
  - Added a flash (quick indicator, not Adobe's flash) library
  - Added a handler for blobstore upload/download.
  - Added a registration application.
  - Allow defining class based handler as tuple which has
    (handler_name, args, kwargs) style.
  - Allow disabling automount feature by setting None in
    APP_MOUNT_POINTS explicitly.
  - Added task_handler for deferred library that corresponds with
    kay's rules.
  - Moved auth backend classes from kay.auth.backend module to
    kay.auth.backends package.
  - Various improvements.

  - Notice about this release

    - kay.auth.backend module is now deprecated. Please use
      kay.auth.backends package instead.

Kay-0.3.0 - October 27, 2009

  - Added CacheMiddleware, cache_page decorator and FragmentCache
    jinja2 extension.
  - Added SecureCookieSessionStore.
  - Added handler for InboundMail
  - Capability for customizing Jinja2 environ
  - Now views can be defined as strings for lazy loading
  - Users can migrate data from an appid to another one very easily
  - Added kay.auth.GoogleBackend
  - More documentations available. 
  - Added --all option to i18n related scripts.
  - Fixed testing environment was partially broken.
  - Allow users to choose a xhtml renderer for rendering forms.
  - More and more lazy loading of modules.
  - Notice about this release

    - GoogleAuthenticationMiddleware is obsolete. Please migrate it to
      AuthenticationMiddleware and GoogleBackend combination. See URL
      bellow for more details:

    - Changed options of some i18n related scripts. Please refer to
      URL bellow for more details:

Kay-0.2.0 - September 23, 2009

  - Added handers for XMPP
  - Added clear_datastore action
  - Added create_user action
  - Added dump_all/restore_all action
  - Added a capability for adding custom jinja2 filters
  - Added a capability for setting user's preffered language explicitly.
  - Documentation sites started.

Kay-0.1.0 - August 27, 2009
  - Added db_hook feature.
  - Added zh_TW translations.
  - Improved i18n mechanism.
  - Implemented authentication backend.
  - Fixed many bugs.
  - Changed the copyright declaration.

Kay-0.0.0 - July 7, 2009
  - First release.