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Issue #146 resolved
dd1 created an issue

The history page "offset" field needs to be split into two numbers, so the formula becomes like this: y = offset1 + factor*(value-offset2).

For example, I want to plot 62.5MHz clock frequency (6.25e7) and room temperature (31) on the same scale.

I would plot the frequency as is, and plot the temperature like this: y = 62.5e6 + 10*(temperature-31).

In the current scheme, I have to fuse offset1 and offset2 into one offset number (62.5e6-10*31).

This works as long as I do not need to adjust the value of "factor" (say from 10 to 100 if I want to make the variation of temperature look bigger).


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  1. Stefan Ritt

    When I do the JavaScript rewrite of the history pages, I plan to implement multiple overlaying Y-axis. So the factor and offset will go away anyhow and you can scale each value dynamically as you like.

  2. dd1 reporter

    With plotting done in javascript, instead of just offset and factor, we can specify the formula to apply to the data values, with sin(), log(), etc available per javascript. K.O.

  3. dd1 reporter

    in the new history, values are transformed by a formula, in the history plot editor, linear formula will be split into “value offset”, “scale” and “vertical offset”: v = voffset + scale*(v - voffset). K.O.

  4. dd1 reporter

    this has been implemented: old history plots have scale, offset and voffset, and they are automatically hoisted into the "formula" for the new history. K.O.

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