mhttpd ODB editor cannot open /System on macos

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Issue #156 resolved
dd1 created an issue

mhttpd odb editor cannot open ODB /System (https://localhost:8443/System) with an error in midas.log:

11:51:19.007 2018/12/20 [mhttpd,ERROR] [mhttpd.cxx:563:rread,ERROR] Cannot read file '/System', read of 128 returned -1, errno 21 (Is a directory)

I confirm that on MacOS, there is indeed a directory called "/System".

Is mhttpd again serving arbitrary files to the web?


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  1. dd1 reporter

    This will not happen again after we changed the odb editor URL scheme to use &odb_path=... Closing this bug. K.O.

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