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Issue #18 resolved
Andreas Suter created an issue

I found a couple of bugs in the current mhttpd, midas version: "Wed Feb 5 13:34:05 2014 +0100 - 93fa5ed"

This concerns all browser I checked (firefox, chrome, internet explorer)

1) If I changing a value (generic/hv class driver), the index of the array remains when chaning a value until the next update of the page (see arrayIndex_b.jpeg)

2) When trying to change a value of a frontend using a multi class driver (we have a lot of them), the field for changing appears, but I cannot get it set! Neither via the two set buttons (why 2? see multiDriverSet.jpeg) nor via return. It also would be nice, if the css could be changed such that input/output for multi-driver would be better separated; something along as suggested in multiDriverSet_labels.jpeg

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  1. Stefan Ritt

    I fixed both issues, and also changed the group display for the slow control page. Please try it and give me feedback is I overlooked something, there are just too many possibilities to check...

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