Number of CPUs cannot be passed to pbzip2 compression

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Issue #199 resolved
Stefan Ritt created an issue

When using pbzip2 compression in the logger, we cannot pass any arguments to the external pbzip2 program. In some cases one wants to change the compression level or the number of CPU cores to be used. By default, pbzip2 uses ALL cores, which could slow down DAQ in some cases.

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  1. dd1

    I think I will add odb /logger/c/0/set/”pbzip2 cpu limit” or “pbzip2 settings”. Hmm… I am now not sure how to set the gzip and bzip2/pbzip2 compression levels. Will take a look at that as well. K.O.

  2. Stefan Ritt reporter

    Why not adding simply a string which gets passed to pbzip2, let the user worry what to put in.

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