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Issue #220 resolved
Andreas Suter created an issue

The attached file diff is a proposed fix for the following two issues

  1. there is currently a double counting for ‘log_chn->statistics.events_written’ when writing ROOT files.
  2. there are misleading error messages when writing ROOT files due to unfiltered midas system events (BOR, EOR, ….)

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  1. Stefan Ritt
    1. Cannot reproduce the problem. Maybe you have to loggers running in parallel? Just did a quick check on a fresh experiment and got correct numbers (4493 events logged, 4441+50+2 events generated: Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 15.38.18 .png

    2. I just outcommented the error message. Now the ROOT writer silently ignores the BOR/EOR events.

  2. Andreas Suter reporter

    In root_write()

    at the end there you find

    /* update statistics */
    log_chn->statistics.bytes_written += size;
    log_chn->statistics.bytes_written_total += size;

    root_write() is called in int wr_write(LOG_CHN* log_chn, const void* data, const int size).
    There are many wr_write() over which I have no overview.

    log_chn->statistics.events_written++ is called also in log_write():

    INT log_write(LOG_CHN * log_chn, EVENT_HEADER * pevent)
       INT status = 0, size;
       DWORD actual_time, start_time, duration;
       BOOL next_subrun;
       //printf("log_write %d\n", pevent->data_size + sizeof(EVENT_HEADER));
       start_time = ss_millitime();
       if (log_chn->writer) {
          int evt_size = pevent->data_size + sizeof(EVENT_HEADER);
          WriterInterface* wr = log_chn->writer;
          status = wr->wr_write(log_chn, pevent, evt_size); <-- here root_write() is called internally (at least I think)
                                                                which increments events_written (see above)  
          if (status == SUCCESS) {
             /* update statistics */
             log_chn->statistics.events_written++;          <-- here it is incremented again, hence double counting!!
             log_chn->statistics.bytes_written_uncompressed += evt_size;

  3. Stefan Ritt

    The wr->wr_write() function was written by KO in 2015:

    So I assign this bug to him. Actually with the Looger.odb from above I was able to reproduce the error, so I can confirm that it’s still there:


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