mjsonrpc calls should return valid utf8 encoded data

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Issue #242 new
dd1 created an issue

mjsonrpc returns data in json format, most web browsers automatically decode it into a javascript object and complain (throw an exception) if there is any non-utf8 strings. most midas web pages malfunction when this happens. Worst case is the “messages” page where we read data from midas.log and sometimes this is binary data (written by cm_msg() or by the user or by midas.log file corruption/truncation).

mjsonrpc server has 3 general cases:

  • non-utf8 strings returned from ODB - bug 215, almost resolved
  • internally generated data (i.e. “get alarms”, etc) - need to audit this code, but think it is all good.
  • data read from files (midas.log, etc) - biggest problem. not clear how to sanitize non-utf8 (or even non-text) data for safe decoding and display in browser.

It would be good to have this sorted out for the midas-2020-07 release.


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  1. dd1 reporter

    mjsonrpc methods that can return non-utf8 data:

    • js_cm_msg_facilities - names from from filesystem “ls”
    • js_cm_msg_retrieve - calls cm_msg_retrieve2(), reads data from file
    • js_hs_xxx - maybe okey? data comes from ODB
    • js_el_xxx - reads data from files
    • jrpc - returns arbitrary string from user c++ code
    • js_seq_list_files - names come from filesystem “ls”


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