pwb history page zoom-out is very slow

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Issue #243 resolved
dd1 created an issue

This is a tracking page for the problem with agmini history page:

The zoom-out function responds very slowly, after I reached the “1 month” time scale, the page is stuck in “updating data”.

I will add more information here as I debug this problem (not clear if it’s the web page, mhttpd or the reading of data from disk).


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  1. dd1 reporter

    see 100% cpu use in mhttpd, this looks to be a problem with the mongoose web server library. K.O.

  2. dd1 reporter

    mongoose is sending data in blocks of 1460 byte, no wonder mhttpd bogs down with 100% cpu usage. (mongoose networking is single-threaded). I tried changing this to 1460000 bytes, seems to work, zooming out history pages is fast again. K.O.

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