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Issue #258 resolved
dd1 created an issue

I am not sure what/when uses /logger/history dir. Need to review this. In a way, it is redundant with /logger/history/midas/history dir (but there is historical use by old experiments). K.O.

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  1. dd1 reporter

    Places where “history dir” is used:

    • history.cxx: “MIDAS” history hs_connect() uses “history dir”, “data dir”, crash if they are empty
    • history_common.cxx: “FILE” history init, “history dir”, “data dir”, expt dir.
    • history_image.cxx: same for “IMAGE” history
    • mhttpd.cxx: loads resources from “/logger/history dir”
    • mlogger.cxx: reads “/logger/history dir”, not sure what it does with it.


  2. dd1 reporter

    I think I know how I want it to work. We probe try in order: channel specific “/logger/history/xxx/history dir”, dedicated history directory “/logger/history dir”, the general data directory “/logger/data dir”, and finally the experiment directory (cm_get_path()). K.O.

  3. dd1 reporter

    if “history dir” does not start with “/” (relative path), make it relative to the experiment directory. K.O.

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