Starting a run from the status page does not bring me back to the status page

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Issue #266 resolved
Stefan Ritt created an issue

When I start a run from the status page, I get redirected to the transition page. When the run start succeeded, I stay at the transition page which can be confusing. I would prefer to be redirected back to the status page if I started/stopped the run from there.

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  1. dd1

    A quick fix could be to pass a flag to the transitions page “&return=xxx”, after the run successfully starts, transition page reloads page “xxx” (status page if that’s where we came from).

    A cleaner solution would be to implement the transition page (and the start page) as a pop/overlays, then people can start/stop runs from their custom pages without page reloads, etc.

    If we go this route and remove the transition page, how do I get back to the (removed) transition page to see how much time each client took, what was the actual start sequence, etc. So maybe we keep transition.html, it will do nothing other than show the last transition.


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