strange file names if "/Logger/Data dir" is blank

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dd1 created an issue

Many things will not work right if ODB “/Logger/Data dir” is blank. Most often the code will create filename in the “/” root directory. Until this is fixed, /Logger/Data dir should always be set to something.

By accident/design/coincidence, for a brand new experiment “/Logger/Data dir” is created and initialized to the experiment directory cm_get_path() in cm_connect_experiment().

This was accidentally broken in cm_msg_get_logfile() which created an empty “/Logger/Data dir” before the normal code in cm_connect_experiment().

For now, I changed cm_msg_get_logfile() to not create “/logger/data dir”.

Long term fix is to update all users of “/logger/data dir”, if it is blank, use the experiment directory instead.

Probably create cm_get_data_path() for this (similar to cm_get_history_path()).


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