import cascase frontend from T2K/ND280/FGD

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dd1 created an issue

the software for cascading multiple midas instances was never imported into main midas.

this software permits building a tree of midas instances - the main instance at the root of the tree controls any number of secondary midas instances - with coordinated run control (run start, stop) and event flow from secondary midas to main midas. (provisions exist for sharing parts of odb between the instances).

this is implemented using thwo programs:

  • cascade frontend running on the main midas instance - it forwards run transitions & etc to the secondary midas instance and it injects event data from secondary midas back to the main midas.
  • the cascade program runs on the secondary midas, it has a tcp socket connection to the cascade frontend in main midas, it receives run transition requests, executes the run transtions and forwards event data from local SYSTEM buffer back to the main midas.


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