Cannot free odb data when odb is 100% full

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Issue #70 resolved
dd1 created an issue

When odb is 100% full, I cannot delete anything, this is the error produced: <pre> [ODBEdit,ERROR] [odb.c:329:free_data,ERROR] cannot free data, database is full </pre>

For regular users, there is a solution: save odb into an xml file, increase odb size, reload odb and continue.

But it would be nice to fix the underlying big - it looks like free_data() is missing the code to deal with the case when there is no free space blocks available. I cannot make heads from tails there, maybe Stefan can figure it out.

Handing this bug to Stefan.


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  1. dd1 reporter

    Should be fixed for “data area 100% full”. “key area 100% full” still needs to be fixed. Commit 22b084. K.O.

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