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HTML linespans: add changelog and versionadded

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 - The HTML formatter now supports linking to tags using CTags files, when the
   python-ctags package is installed (PR#87)
+- The HTML formatter now has a "linespans" option that wraps every line in a
+  <span> tag with a specific id (PR#82)
 - When deriving a lexer from another lexer with token definitions, definitions
   for states not in the child lexer are now inherited.  If you override a state
   in the child lexer, an "inherit" keyword has been added to insert the base

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         If set to a nonempty string, e.g. ``foo``, the formatter will wrap each
         output line in a span tag with an ``id`` of ``foo-linenumber``.
-        This allows easy access to lines via javascript.
+        This allows easy access to lines via javascript. *New in Pygments 1.6.*
         If set to `True`, will wrap line numbers in <a> tags. Used in
         If set to the path of a ctags file, wrap names in anchor tags that
         link to their definitions. `lineanchors` should be used, and the
         tags file should specify line numbers (see the `-n` option to ctags).
+        *New in Pygments 1.6.*
         A string formatting pattern used to generate links to ctags definitions.
         Avaliabe variable are `%(path)s`, `%(fname)s` and `%(fext)s`.
         Defaults to an empty string, resulting in just `#prefix-number` links.
+        *New in Pygments 1.6.*
     **Subclassing the HTML formatter**