1. Thomas Mortagne
  2. pygments-main


pygments-main / external / autopygmentize

# Best effort auto-pygmentization with transparent decompression
# (c) Reuben Thomas 2012
# This program is in the public domain.

# Strategy: first see if pygmentize can find a lexer; if not, ask file; if that finds nothing, fail
# Set the environment variable PYGMENTIZE_OPTS to configure pygments.

# This program can be used as a .lessfilter for the less pager to auto-color less's output

if [ `pygmentize -N $1` != "text" ]; then
    pygmentize $PYGMENTIZE_OPTS "$1"
    exit 0

file_common_opts="--brief --dereference --uncompress"

unset lexer
case `file --mime-type $file_common_opts "$1"` in
    application/xml|image/svg+xml) lexer=xml;;
    text/html) lexer=html;;
    text/troff) lexer=nroff;;
    text/x-asm) lexer=nasm;;
    text/x-awk) lexer=awk;;
    text/x-c) lexer=c;;
    text/x-c++) lexer=cpp;;
    text/x-diff) lexer=diff;;
    text/x-fortran) lexer=fortran;;
    text/x-gawk) lexer=gawk;;
    text/x-java) lexer=java;;
    text/x-lisp) lexer=common-lisp;;
    text/x-lua) lexer=lua;;
    text/x-makefile) lexer=make;;
    text/x-msdos-batch) lexer=bat;;
    text/x-nawk) lexer=nawk;;
    text/x-pascal) lexer=pascal;;
    text/x-perl) lexer=perl;;
    text/x-php) lexer=php;;
    text/x-po) lexer=po;;
    text/x-python) lexer=python;;
    text/x-ruby) lexer=ruby;;
    text/x-shellscript) lexer=sh;;
    text/x-tcl) lexer=tcl;;
    text/x-tex|text/x-texinfo) lexer=latex;; # FIXME: texinfo really needs its own lexer
    # Types that file outputs which pygmentize didn't support as of file 5.11, pygments 1.5
    # text/calendar
    # text/PGP
    # text/rtf
    # text/texmacs
    # text/x-bcpl
    # text/x-info
    # text/x-m4
    # text/x-vcard
    # text/x-xmcd

encoding=`file --mime-encoding $file_common_opts "$1"`

if [ -n "$lexer" ]; then
    # FIXME: Specify input encoding rather than output encoding https://bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/pygments-main/issue/800
    # FIXME: Encoding argument ignored on stdin https://bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/pygments-main/issue/799
    #zcat "$1" | pygmentize -O encoding=$encoding,outencoding=UTF-8 $PYGMENTIZE_OPTS -l $lexer
    pygmentize -O encoding=$encoding,outencoding=UTF-8 $PYGMENTIZE_OPTS -l $lexer $1
    exit 0

exit 1