DNA Data Visualization (DDV) software

Please note that the latest version of the source code for this project has been moved to:

Development and updates to the software will continue on github. 

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This C# application creates visualizations of FASTA formatted DNA nucleotide data. 
DDV can download FASTA sequences from NIH, or use local FASTA formatted files. 
DDV generates a DeepZoomImage visualizations of DNA data.


Visualizations generated with DDV can be placed on a web server. 
The following contains the links to examples of the visualizations 
generated by Tomasz Neugebauer, √Čric Bordeleau, Vincent Burrus and Ryszard Brzezinski 
with this software: DNA Data Visualizations Generated with DDV Software. 
These examples include a number of bacteria chromosomes, as well as the entire Homo Sapiens genome.