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Specify how to use mutli-lang

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 configuration file style][pyconf]. They are delimited from the page's content
 by a line with 3 or more dashes.
+With the appropriate hook, a page can be translated in various languages. The latter are delimited by the 
+directive `lang:somelang`. The associated title variable `title_somelang` can be
+used in tandem. 
     title: Hot News
     Here are some news about {{ page.foobar }}.
     Did I say {% print(page.foobar) %}?
+    lang: fr
+    Voici quelques nouvelles a propos de {{ page.foobar }}.
+    Ai-je bien dit {% print(page.foobar) %} ?
 That way you can also set a page's title explicitly, instead of using the file
 name. Other useful attributes to set are *description* and *keywords*, which