updating latest GNU autoconf (src/gnu/dist/autoconf)

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Takehiko NOZAKI repo owner created an issue

i have to regen several 3rd party’s configure script/Makefile.in by running autoreconf in src/externls/* to fix build failure.

i have been using pkgsrc/deve/autoconf, but it seems that i have to use src/gnu/dist/autoconf(if MKMAINTAINERTOOLS=yes is set in mk.conf, GNU autoconf is built and installed as a part of USETOOLS).

but it’s version is too old and have many problems(such as config.guess can’t detect ARM 64bit). so need to be latest version.

and more, external/lgpl3/mpfr/dist require not only autoconf but autoconf-archive too(because it use non standard macro AX_PTHREAD), let’s make it USETOOLS too.

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