pyncho v1: a screaming comes across the sky

A Python port of the blogging software poncho:

Also contains a port of the markup language marxup:
(either of version 1.5 or 0.6.5 depending on who you ask, marxup is more
fragmented than Android)


  pyncho prepare                      # set up your blog
  pyncho post about                   # make an about page
  pyncho generate                     # generate the HTML
  pyncho post i ate a banana          # post your first post!!
  pyncho generate                     # generate HTML again
  pyncho post i ate another banana    # post more posts
  pyncho post that was my last banana
  pyncho generate                     # remember to generate HTML


* You shouldn't post more than once a day. If you do, pyncho is unable to
  guarantee the posting order. This is a feature to restrict EXCESSIVE

* You can't post several posts with the same name. It's not allowed!

* `pyncho generate` will skip posts that haven't been updated since the last
  time. If you want to force them to update you can delete the .html file in
  output_path first. You can also just `touch` the post files.

Available hooks

Must be +x and reside in .pyncho/hooks:

* before-info
* after-info
* before-post
* after-post
* before-generate
* after-generate