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This is the Wiki for BeamerthemeHohenheim, a beamer theme which features the colors of the University of Hohenheim. Remark: This Theme is independent form the University as a Institution and therefore is not an official Theme. Secondly this theme is not made or maintained by the beamer team.


This theme features a Theme which can be loaded by saying


somewhen after \documentclass{beamer} to switch on beamerposter support you need to say \usepackage[poster=true]{hobete} . Please note: there is (currently) no automatic detection of the document class. Using hobete without poster option together with beamerposterclass will mess up many things


This work comes under the terms of lppl or GNU. Documentation file is (hobete.tex rep. .pdf)

The lppl status of this package is: author-maintained Maintainer: Tobias Görlach tobias.goerlach -äht- This packages consists of the files hobete.sty (main file) beamercolorthemehohenheim.sty beamerouterthemehohenheim.sty beamerthemehohenheim.sty beamerouterthemehohenheimposter.sty poster-test.tex (example file for beamerposter support) hobete_doc.pdf (manual) hobete_doc.tex (manual source) readme (this file)