This application adds the following hotkeys for media keys:

  • Start/Pause (Ctrl + F5)
  • Stop (Ctrl + F6)
  • Previous Track (Ctrl + F7)
  • Next Track (Ctrl + F8)

How do I get set up?

  • Clone Repository
  • Open the MediaKeys.sln in and compile
  • Dependencies are managed via nuget. All dependencies are included and it builds out of the box

Deployment instructions

  • Add a shortcut to the application to the startup folder (e.g. press windows + r and type shell:startup to find that folder in Windows 8)
  • or start the application manually if you want the hotkeys enabled.
  • To "uninstall" just stop the application (e.g. via ctrl + alt + delete TaskManager) and delete the files.

Contribution guidelines

Got suggestions? Submit a pull request or create your own fork.


Icon created by Lorcunder CC BY 3.0. Resized by me.

HotkeyManager Copied from Chris Taylor. Rearranged by me.

Inputsimulator by Michael Noonan under Ms-PL.