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       <p class="issue todo">
         @@TODO - decide on a URI for the initial context. It might be OK
-        to keep it as-is, but might be more acceptable to define a URI for
+        to keep it as-is, but probably more acceptable to define a URI for
         an RDFa representation of the context.
           applied after the initial context for [[!RDFA-CORE]]
           Note that unlike other RDFa host languages, this initial context has a
-          frequently updated registry of terms.
+          frequently updated registry of terms. 
           See <a href="#initial-context" class="sectionRef"></a> for further information.
     <section id="native-semantics" class="informative">
       <h2>Native Atom Semantics</h2>
       <p class="issue todo">
-        @@TODO - gist is that Atom's native semantics can be uplifted to an RDF
-        graph via AtomOWL [[AWOL]]; describe how to merge this graph with the default
-        RDFa graph.
+        @@TODO - maybe expand upon this section?
+      <p>
+        AtomOWL [[AWOL]] describes a mapping from Atom 1.0 syntax to an RDF
+        vocabulary. This section provides guidelines for merging a graph
+        produced from this mapping, with the Atom+RDFa 1.1 output graph.
+      </p>
+      <ul>
+        <li>
+          The AtomOWL mapping typically produces blank nodes representing each
+          entry within a feed. The blank nodes produced by processing the
+          RDFa <code>typeof</code> attribute on <code>&lt;entry></code> elements
+          MAY be equated with those from AtomOWL.
+        </li>
+      </ul>
     <section id="datarss" class="informative">