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 See for the latest development.
+1.501802	2012-12-16
+	- general cleanups
+1.501801	2012-12-16
+	- fix MANIFEST
 1.501800	2012-12-16
 	- Initial version, based on cpanminus 1.5018.
-=for developers
-If you're a developer, Makefile.PL will pack `cpanm` from
-script/cpanm.PL and then copy that file to `bin/cpanm`.
-You can pretend to be an author by running it with:
-  perl Makefile.PL --author
-You should install local::lib, Parse::CPAN::Meta, Module::Metadata,
-App::FatPacker and HTTP::Tiny before doing so.
-Do not commit the changes to `cpanm` standalone executable. We only
-commit changes to this file whenever we tag a new CPAN release.
 my $author = ((grep{ $_ eq '--author' } @ARGV) or -d '.git' && `git remote -v` =~ /git\@github/);
 print STDERR "Running as an author mode!\n" if $author;


 package App::cpantimes;
-our $VERSION = "1.501801";
+our $VERSION = "1.501802";
+=encoding utf8
 =head1 NAME


 package App::cpantimes::script;
-our $VERSION = "1.501801";
+our $VERSION = "1.501802";
 use 5.008;
 use strict;
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