p5-app-cpantimes / Changes

See https://bitbucket.org/tobyink/p5-app-cpantimes for the latest development.

1.501800	2012-12-16
	- initial version, based on cpanminus 1.5018

1.501801	2012-12-16

1.501802	2012-12-16
	- general cleanups

1.501803	2012-12-17
	- don't even attempt to send reports for local tarballs

1.501804	2012-12-17
	- more cross-platform technique to locate metabase_id.json

1.501900	2012-01-02
	- based on cpanminus 1.5019

1.501901	2012-01-07
	- check availability of LWP::Protocol::https (RT#82505)

1.502100	2012-01-31
	- based on cpanminus 1.5021
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